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Rental Specialist : The Lease

Parking Lease Agreement This Lease is made as off (date):

By and between:



The landlord hereby leases the premises described in this Lease for the term and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Lease.

Lease. Landlord leases to Tenant the  use of a parking area described as an area for one regular sized car, parking space #_____, described in the attached diagram in the building located at:
on ___________ , 200_ and ending at ______ a.m. on: ( MMDY)          200_.

Rent. for the total parking space of $      to be paid on the first of each month for one year.

NSF:There shall be a returned check charge of $ 25 per check.

Deposit. Landlord shall provide to Tenant, on or before the commencement date of this Lease, one remote garage opener for each parking stall. Additional Opener Devices desired by Tenant at the beginning of this Lease shall be available at a cost of _____dollars $_______each.

Term. The term of this Lease shall commence and terminate in____year(s) from the date of this signing. Tenant's use of the garage 24 hours per day, seven days per week during the term of the lease. The parties further agree that the Landlord has the unrestricted right to rent any adjoining or nearby parking space. The Landlord will not provide service of any kind during the course of the lease or assume any liability whatsoever.
The Landlord is not responsible for ticketing and/or towing unauthorized cars from the Tenant's parking space.

Renewal. This Parking Lease agreement is month-to-month agreement. If this parking lease agreement is attached as an addendum to a residential lease then this lease shall continue for the term of the residential lease. When the residential lease terminates this parking agreement shall also become a month-to-month agreement at the discretion of the owner/manager.

ARTICLES LEFT IN VEHICLES ARE AT THE VEHICLE OWNER'S RISK. Tenant understands and expressly agrees that the Landlord will not be responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents by fire, vandalism, theft or any other cause, nor for loss, damage or injury by or to any other individual personal injury of any nature

1. Tenant expressly acknowledges that the Landlord shall not provide security for the property or the vehicle or to protect individuals using the Garage from criminal activity

Hazardous Materials. Chemical  substance shall not be brought onto the Leased Parking Area without the Landlord's express written approval. Tenant agrees to abide by all laws and regulations relating to the handling of such materials and will promptly notify Landlord of the receipt of any warning , violation, or complaint received from any agency or third party immediately in writing.
Any release or spills of any hazardous substance by the tenant or the tenants agents,  shall be be remediated in accordance with all applicable laws.

Documentation. Tenant shall furnish Landlord with its car license numbers. The Tenant will notify Landlord of change in car ownership and provide new make and model information immediately. This parking space is designated for the car documented in writing to the landlord and for no other car.

Driver's License: State_____ Number:

Car Information: Year_______Make___________ Model/Color____________

License Plate: State______ Number:__________

Local Address during this lease:
E-mail address:
Phone Information: Work ____________ Home____________ And Cell___________________

Permanent Home Address:

Insurance Information:  Proof of insurance required. We will make a copy of your insurance card or papers.

I understand that my parking rights are limited to my assigned parking space and no other.



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